Strathearn Art Walk’s SECLA Stage


The Strathearn Art Walk SECLA stage strives to bring an eclectic slice of the Edmonton music scene throughout our annual event. Located in the beer gardens, stage sponsor South East Community League Association brings you live entertainment while you enjoy food and beverages from our partners including Blindman Brewing, Strathcona Spirits, and many others! This year's lineup brings established local musicians and scrappy up-and-comers ready to set a stellar mood for the day.

Kids and dogs are welcome in the beer gardens!


2019 Musicians

Dennis Bouwman and The Wild Roses

Denis Bouwman is an award-winning singer songwriter based out of Edmonton. With a voice like the bottom ten pipes of a church organ and a hard charging band of local all-stars, this will be a special performance on the SECLA stage. You can get a taste of him at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival this year on the Rhea March School of Song Stage. If you want the full musical meal, the Alair Homes Beer Gardens is the place to be.

The Frolics

Five albums in, this sexy-psycho-surf band have been putting audiences on dance floor from Nashville to Edmonton for over a decade. Glam pop for prairie surfers, this power trio will keep the party going in the right direction.

Mariel Buckley

We are proud to announce Mariel Buckley and her band on the SECLA stage this year! Few performers combine the lyrical heartfelt authenticity of classic country music with the steely-eyed intensity that compels an audience's attention like Alberta's Mariel Buckley. Amidst a sea of neon-Nashville superstars, Buckley offers a crunchy roots alternative. It's the kind of sound many musicians take years searching for and the arrival of Buckley's spectacular sophomore album, Driving in the Dark, proves that she hasn't taken a moment for granted.

Mbira Renaissance  

If you’re familiar with the Strathearn Art Walk than you have likely heard the groovy rhythms of Mbira Renaissance. Back for their 3rd appearance on our performance stage, Mbira Renaissance always get audiences on their feet moving to the afro-fusion beats. Drawing on jazz, reggae and rock influences, these interpreters of the ancient Zimbabwean Mbira sound are not to be missed! 

Nature Of

One of the most anticipated album releases of 2019, tunes off of “The Mean” by Nature Of will be joining the Art Walk’s stage this year. A follow up to their great 2017 album “Cherish,” Nature Of has been touring the country, writing songs, recording music and honing their ample skills. Anyone lucky enough to have caught Nature Of playing around town will attest that this band is bound for bigger things. Be sure you can tell your friends that you saw them first on the Art Walk stage!

Stella Johnson

Stella Johnson may only be 15-years-old but this singer songwriter from Edmonton has been impressing audiences around the city for years. She’s wowed crowds at Heart of the City Festival, The Sasquatch Gathering, BRU Coffee & Beer House and Cafe Haven. A regular at The Brick and Whiskey’s Thursday open stage, Johnson was just 3-years-old when she started performing alongside her dad, Steven, accompanying his guitar with harmonica, and later, with voice. Some of Stella's musical influences are Joni Mitchel, Joan Baez, Townes Van Zandt, Leonard Cohen and Jack White. 

See you at the SECLA Stage!