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Interested in selling your work at the 2018 Strathearn Art Walk? Register today!

Here's how. 

  1. Thoroughly read through the Strathearn Art Walk Artists Guide.
  2. Complete the registration form below. 
  3. Submit your form and follow the instructions to pay the mandatory $70 artist fee to reserve your spot (add $15 if you require rental of a table and chair). This payment is non-refundable. 


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What inspires you? What are your Art inspirations? (250 Words Max; Some or all content will be used as an Artist Bio on our website or social media to promote the event)

Are you interested in being part of a community art installation/special project for 2018? *
While not required, this can be a fun, engaging way to be involved!
If there are specific ways you'd like to be involved, or if you have questions about this, let us know.
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Waivers and Agreements
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I acknowledge that once this form is submitted, I will provide payment of $70 (online payment instructions will be provided) and in exchange, I will be provided with a 10x10 area in which to display and sell my work. I understand that I may pay an additional $15 to rent a table and chair for the event. I understand my registration will not be confirmed until both this form and my payment have been received by Strathearn ArtWalk.
Images and Photography *
I understand that the Strathearn Art Walk may use the information in this form and the images that I provide in any way that they see fit to promote this event. I also understand that at the event, photographs and videos containing my image may be taken and will be used in the communications regarding this event.
Artist Guide *
I acknowledge that I have read the Artist’s Guide found at and agree to its contents.
You will be directed to make payment via Paypal once you have successfully submitted this form.